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Welcome to the Mingo Junction, Clerk of Council's Office!

 About Clerk of Council Maguschak

    I was appointed to the position of Clerk of Council at the beginning of 2014 by Clerk Angelica. Since then, I have served as secretary to the legislative authority, and webmaster to the Village of Mingo Junction. 

   As Clerk of Council, I attend all meetings of the legislative authority of the village, and keep a record of its proceedings and of all rules, bylaws, resolutions, and ordinances passed or adopted, which shall be subject to the inspection of all persons interested.


  • Public Record Requests: As custodian of public records and information, I am happy to provide you with assistance. Use the Public Records Requests option to request information. I specialize in e-documentation. I can provide you with PDF copies of ordinances, resolutions, and minutes from 2014 - Present. If you need something from a date later then that, I will do my best to assist you. 
  • Request to be on the Agenda: Mayor Fithen gives the regular audience a time period of five minutes each to speak their concerns or business to the council. If you need longer then five minutes or have an opportunity to discuss to the council you may request to be put on the agenda. Use the Council Agenda Request option. If you formally requested to be on the agenda, I will try to ensure that a copy of the agenda is emailed to you the day of the council meeting.


Council News, Announcements, Information

01.18.2018, Summary of Special Meeting

        The Village Council assembled a special meeting of council at 6:30 pm. President Pro Tem, Michael Herrick presided over the meeting. Council voted to suspend the rules governing ordinances and to allow Resolution 2018-002 to have it's second and third readings. The Resolution was read and later adopted by the council. The resolution is available for download below in the Ordinances section. Council also discussed concerns of internal problems concerning insurance. They decided  to discuss the situation at the next regular council meeting. 

Next Regular Council Meeting: 01.23.2018 @ 7:00 pm. 

Attest: Mikeal G. Maguschak, Clerk of Council